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Retirement Ready

Thinking about retirement, now or in the future?  Sure you are. Is your thought process kind of fuzzy or not in focus like the photo above? I recommend you take some time to clearly think about the future. During my first career I thought about it off and on and then gave it serious consideration as I approached the latter part of my career. I was fortunate to retire from my first career just over 4 years ago at the age of 54. I would like to share with you some personal insights I have learned along the way.

Invest – Don’t wait, invest in your future today! Contact a financial advisor, check with your company finance department to see what investment options might be available to you, and did I say, do it TODAY! Invest, Invest, Invest…

Information – Arm yourself with information. Become an expert on your retirement plan and what options will be available to you when you are ready to retire. Know what the options are reference your investments and possibly any social security you may be entitled to.

Decision – Making the decision to retire is a difficult one no matter how you look at it. You spent your whole life building and sacrificing for your career and now you are just going to walk away from it into the unknown. You are going to walk away from the identity you had with your career such as Senior Partner, Chief of Police, or City Manager. That walk may not be easy for some, prepare yourself.

Transition – Prepare for your transition into the second half of your life. I don’t think that most individuals reading this think that sitting on a quiet beach the rest of your life is going to do it. You are drivers, type A personalities, builders, leaders: with that I would recommend that you focus some time on that second career.

As for me, retirement has been great! It has provided me with needed time to recuperate, time to take care of aging parents, freedom to do the things I enjoy, and the opportunity to build a new Insurance business; . I am as excited about the second half of my life as I was about the first. So make your investments, get the information, make the decision and enjoy your transition into the second half of your life.

Dave Haynes | Alpine Ridge Insurance Agency