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Referral Power

Referral Power

Referrals are an important part of any small business. As a new business owner I have been attending training with Safeco Insurance and the City of Auburn Chamber of Commerce. I have even driven as far as Montana to attend training. I have noticed that the training from these different sources has somewhat blended into each other so that central themes start to rise to the surface. One theme has been that of customer referrals and there importance in the business world.

So what is a referral and why is it so important to anyone in business. Basically a referral is when someone outside a business recommends another person or company. I have identified two resources for referrals as I look at the market. The first referral source is that of individuals that I know or have provided services to and would make a recommendation to others. The second is a professional referral from an individual I would like to work and partner with in order to provide a higher level of satisfaction to our combined clients. Either way referrals are important because they provide a personal connection to an individual who is in need of services.

The key word to referrals is “personal”. Making that human connection that provides for the beginning foundation of trust. I have found that identifying referral sources, such as individuals I know, and talking about referrals is a lot easier then implementing the concept of referrals. This is because referrals are not something I directly control, I can only try and influence others and hope for a good outcome. The good outcome being a referral.

If you are running your own business, or looking for a new position, think about the importance of a personal referral. If you know of a well-run business think about offering up a referral to someone you know or post something nice on their web page or social media. You can be both the recipient of and the giver of something special, a referral.

Dave Haynes | Alpine Ridge Insurance Agency