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Motorcycle Insurance?

As a former Police Motor Officer and accident investigator I know all too well the thrill and enjoyment of ridding a beautifully crafted machine. Today the motorcycles just keep getting more elaborate and appealing to the eye. They have also become very expensive, at least the ones I like.  On the other side, I also have a very realistic view of what can happen doing something we love. We have all heard the accident stories and I am sure we keep them in the back of our minds when ridding. Having said this, I have been slightly surprised at individuals who choose to ride their motorcycles with no insurance. I think the idea is that the possibility of injuring someone else or causing a great deal of property damage is low, so why have insurance. A good friend of mine recently told me that his daughter in law, who rides, was headed out on a trip when she was struck by a vehicle making a left turn. His daughter in law sustained major long lasting facial and head injuries.
She was not insured and the causing driver also was not insured. The bottom line, major personal injury and property damage with no coverage. Please, make sure you have proper insurance coverage before you swing the leg over for that afternoon ride or just a ride around the block.

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