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Lessons From an Entrepreneur #2 – the 90% rule

Have you ever started a project, got bogged down, took a break from it and then never finished it?  Or have you had an idea that you never even started on because you weren’t sure how to get it right?  If you read my first post in this series, then you know the first step is to get started.  Once you get started though, how do you finish?

We have something in our office we call the 90% rule.  It is a rule to fight against perfectionism, not that perfect results are bad, but they are certainly rare.  At least for me, and some of you may relate, I am a perfectionist.  I have an idea in my head and when I begin to act it out the execution never seems to be as golden as the idea, and I put it aside “for another day”.

The 90% rule helps to combat this.  Instead of feeling the need to have it 100%, just get it mostly right and “hit send”.  It is most likely that last 10% is just fluff and polish anyway and nobody will know how much shinier it would have been had you exerted that last 10% (which we rarely do anyway because we often quit before then).  This also saves time as because that last 10% is a lot work!  Now you can feel good checking it off your list and get started on your next project.