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Whether you're a new or seasoned homeowner, there are many considerations to owning a home. Owning a home can be rewarding and a great investment. Here are a few things to think about when deciding if home ownership is right for you.

What about repairs of recurring services?

home repairs

It's always best to keep up with regular maintenance; still, repairs on homes happen all the time. Homes require upkeep and maintenance. The three biggest areas for maintenance are HVAC, plumbing, and roofing. You do not want to neglect these areas for maintenance. Most other areas of your home are less likely to need as much attention.


Electrical: When installed by a professional, your wiring and electrical systems should not fail over time. If you're in an older home technologies have changed, and it is a good idea to have professionals go through your home to ensure safe operation, lifespan, and potential future expenditures. It's best to have a professional check your electrical systems.

Roofing: If your new home was already built, having the roof checked during the home inspection is valuable. A new roof, even one installed a year or two before it's "critical", may save money on other repairs. Water damage from a leaky roof could affect the attic or more. Homeowner's Insurance often does not cover maintenance neglect. This is true for bugs, debris, and an old roof. Have it checked and talk with us if you're unsure about your policy coverage.

Plumbing: In most cases plumbing requirements such as septic systems are required to be cleaned and inspected prior to sale. This ensures the homeowner knows the condition of this system prior to purchase.
After you purchase your home, you should have it inspected at least every three years by a septic service professional. There are a few major factors that influence frequency of septic pumping (

  • Total wastewater produced
  • Size of septic tank
  • Size of your home
  • Volume or amount of solids in your wastewater

Establishing a relationship with a plumber in the area is valuable. First, the regular service will be performed the same each time it is maintained. Second, you will received reminders when services should be performed. And most importantly, when an emergency occurs, having the peace of mind that the right person will be able to help is invaluable.

HVAC: This is another area that needs attention. While your home is less likely to be completely destroyed by your heating and air-conditioning system, without it your home can become very uncomfortable. In some States such as Colorado your home may become unlivable. It is best to have your systems checked regularly.

Home Goods: Making a House your Home

Exploring home goods helps you complete your home with your own style and touch. You want your home to be

home goods

comfortable and be an extension of your personality. Your personality Amy be exotic or eccentric, contemporary, or traditional. Use your personality in determining styles. Now it's time to let the fun begin!

There are many local and online retailers  for home goods. There're many options when it comes to retail stores. Be sure to search online for reviews and options first. A few good options online for home goods merchandise are Home GoodsHome DepotLowesWayfairYelp or Google are excellent options for locating local stores. Local stores may not have as much of a selection online, but they provide an opportunity to see colors, textures, sizes, and similar important elements that help with your selections.
Talking with a consultant about home decor in these stores may also help with your decision to determine home decor. If you're looking for home decor ideas for your new home, this may be a great option.

What should you also consider when choosing a home?

There are many different aspects to consider when choosing a home.  We’ve covered maintence and decorating already. Here are a few additional items to consider:

Lifestyle: Choosing a home suitable to your lifestyle is important.. Are you traveling all the time? Are you atleletic andery active? Do you like to garden and landscapte? Are you a creative? These are great questions to help you determine what your lifestyle  And the type of home to purchase.

You may not want a large home if you're never there and live a nomadic lifestyle. Micro-homes are becoming very popular as micro-living fits many of today's preferred lifestyles. A place to sleep, store some belongings, and just enough space to entertain a friend or two may be the home that’s right for you.Are youplanning on or having a  family? A home with many rooms for everyone to have his or her own space is important Or, would you like for all members to be together sharing spaces.? These are serious considerations. Pay attention if the space provides a view to see the kids even when you are in another room. And remember to have the privacy you want for working a home as well!

Location? People are willing to drive further and further from their place of work for a home they want. A commute can be very hectic and add lots of stress to your daily routine. Many consider the normal everyday commute okay, but what about when the unexpected occurs? Situations occur like needing to be home to let the cable technician in the house, between 8am-6pm, and calls at 8am to reschedule your appointment for another day. Now you must choose between taking another day off work or driving in heavy traffic, rear-ending another car in stop-and-go traffic, and needing to use your auto-insurance because you don’t like traffic.  It really is best to consider  home and your location.

Investment: Consider buying a home closer to work that can become an investment property once there is equity in that property. Having a monthly source for extra income may be a beneficial and short term solution to waiting a while for your dream home in the country.


While there are many decisions to be made when considering a home we are here to help with your home-insurance needs. We too are homeowners and have lots of stories and relatable experiences that we would love to share with you. No one wants to need insurance; however, when you do need it, you will be grateful!  That’s  why our clients enjoy using our angency. Call today to say hello and discuss your personal needs.