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Fall is in the air

Well, there is new snow in the passes and frost on my car, so I think it is safe to say fall is in the air. I know we have already had our home heating company out to pay us a visit. It is that time when we need to look around our homes and make sure we are ready for winter. Have the gutters been cleaned, the water hoses put away and hose bibs covered. These seem like minor things but if not taken care of can lead to a loss and a possible insurance claim. We need to keep in mind that our mortgage insurance is not a basic home maintenance plan, maintenance is something we just need to get out and do. If you need a referral to get some of those jobs done give us a call at 253-833-9501. Even though Alpine Ridge Insurance provides home insurance, auto insurance and umbrella insurance to our clients we also network with a lot of other companies around the Auburn area.

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