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Scheduled Property

Do you have any high value personal property such as rings or firearms. Check your home insurance policy and see if you have listed those items on your policy. If you have not listed high value items on your home insurance policy call your insurance agent and schedule an appointment.

Winter’s Hold

Don’t let winter get you down, blow it aside and have fun. If you are out driving, snowmobiling, or Rv’ing make sure you have the proper insurance coverages. Give us a call when you are inside warming up, we would love to talk.

Gap Coverage

Have you or are you buying a new car? You will want to take a look at gap insurance coverage. Gap insurance coverage can cover the difference between what you owe on your vehicle and what it is worth if it is totaled in a collision. Don’t get caught in the “GAP” call today.

Individual Coverage

Do you have adult children at home or who will be graduating this Spring? It is time to think about getting them off your insurance policy and onto their own. I know that a lot of people only think about saving money by keeping the policies together. Here is something else to think about, your…