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Have you noticed all the rain? Driving in the rain increases our chances of something going wrong. Have you replaced your windshield wipers and filled your washer fluid that is rated for winter weather. New wiper blades can improve your ability to see and that washer fluid helps when the windshield needs a little assistance. I just purchased new blades for under $15.00. How about those tires? Have you looked at your tires for abnormal wear and tread depth? You should stop by one of our local tire stores and have those tires looked at. When it comes to your car insurance now is a great time to review those coverages and make sure you have the coverage you want and need. Do you have umbrella insurance? If you don’t know what umbrella insurance is give me a call at 253.508.1299 and lets talk. Take extra time out there on the road and drive safely.

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